Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Grind

Dreaming big! Still working on those demos, but I'm also working on a larger project--a project to rule all projects! Okay, well, a project to rule all of my projects.

The past couple days saw good progress on what I will formerly introduce to you now as "The Trinket Project." And that's all I'm saying. For now. Okay, fine. I will also tell you that it involves music. And me. And it's going to be great! 

Also, now that things have settled down (relatively speaking), I've started hunting for open mics and performance opportunities! I'll keep you updated. Hollywood, here I come! 

So much excitement! I guess I should really get those demos out...

Be bold.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Journey Soon Begins

It has been decided--this little Blogger site is going to provide the human side of my internet presence. I'll leave the flash and photos to whatever other crazy social networking platforms. Here, I will feed you my soul! Or, perhaps more accurately, share my adventures, excitement and inevitable frustration. I will try very hard to keep it updated, so please visit regularly.

Hopefully, I will have all of my other sites up soon for your viewing experience. Even more hopefully, I will have music to share with you! But until then, be bold!