Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Just Keep Playing

Fatigue is following me, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Got most of the lead vocals done and a lot of the guitar tracks, but there are still so many parts to write and lay down. Must keep playing. And on top of that, must keep practicing. I saw some video of last week's performance, and I know there is room for much improvement--a little more control, a little less slouching, much better mic technique, just to name a few things to work on.

The good thing is that these demos seem to be coming together (despite the massive amount of work still needed to be done), so I just have to keep reminding myself that these are exciting times and to keep pushing forward.

Open mic tomorrow at Sabor y Cultura, 8-11pm, if you're in that area.

Be bold.


Friday, August 23, 2013

Imaginary to Real

I always feel so inspired after performing at these open mics! Everyone has been so very, very supportive and I come home feeling so...motivated? Hopeful? Full of ideas? Not sure really, but the feeling keeps me from wanting to go to sleep.

After talking with some people, I realized that I should start working on the next step--getting a band together. I guess it has come to that. It's not that I'm against having a band, it's just...I know how quickly a band can turn into a melee...Perhaps I will have a band of musicians for hire.They can quit whenever they get tired of me having creative control. Wow, I sound like a terrible person...Well, in the meantime, there are still demos to complete. Vocals tomorrow! Got to keep things moving forward as I wait  for my band to form.

Thanks to all who came out to play, perform and support tonight! As always, I had a wonderful time. Thank you!

Be bold.


Thursday, August 22, 2013


More songs about courage and rule-breaking tonight! The rebellious teenager in me never got a chance to surface in high school, so she's coming out now...But maybe that's what we need--a little bit of a kick in the butt to inspire us all to shake things up. Who knows.

Anyway, I'm bringing the fire to Sabor y Cultura tonight (8-11pm), for the Freedom of Speech Open Mic. You bring the tinder and we'll have a good time. ;)

Be bold.


Monday, August 19, 2013

Trees and Haunted Houses

There's something about coming up with a new song that's just plain exciting. It's like falling in love, but with the heartbreak wrapped up in the lyrics instead of around your soul. You think about it all the time and it's a relief when you sit down and reunite yourself with it--sing it, play it, breathe it. Joy burns low and warm in your stomach and life feels right.  If I never find love, at least I've found music.

Be bold.


Friday, August 16, 2013


I'm trying to find the words that will release some of the energy that I accumulated tonight. I don't really know if there are words for this. It feels different. Optimistic, magical, alive, driven and super-motivated to do...something. Got to get these demos out (drum and bass tracks done!) and my website up. And get on Facebook and all the music sites and get better about tweeting. There's a lot to be done, but tonight all the work looks like a trail of stepping stones to follow. Business cards. I need to print business cards...

The further down this rabbit hole of songwriting and performing I go, the more it strikes me that art and science are different approaches to the same end--to understand the world we live in, how we fit into that world and, perhaps even more importantly, how to carve our own places in that world.

Thanks for all the support tonight. Be bold.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tracks and Trails

Drum and bass tracks coming into existence! I have to admit, it's pretty exciting. There's been a lot of dancing about and singing into air-microphones as of late. Thank goodness people can't see through walls...Done for today, but hopefully all the drum and bass tracks will be laid down by the end of this week.

Open mic tomorrow, once again at Sabor y Cultura, 8-11pm (EXCITING NOTE: you can watch the live stream here).  I was thinking about playing a song that I've been working on, but some of the lyrics still don't feel right so I figure it's better to pull something out that has been aging a little longer...It's just...what song would that be? I guess we'll both find out tomorrow. I'm thinking either a song about a gray coat or courage or a little lamb. I suppose that means I should practice all of them tonight!

Hope you're having a wonderful and productive week!

Be bold.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Step By Step

Had a wonderful time performing at the open mic--sang and played, met a lot of sweet people and almost started a bar fight. (Okay, so it might not have been a "bar" fight and I might not have started it, but there were definitely a few minutes of excitement as I started my intro. Luckily, it ended peacefully enough.) Everyone was very supportive and I left feeling inspired.

I'm still deciding what to play this Thursday, but while that decision stews on the back burner, it is high time I get these demos tracked, mixed and released! No excuses--it's going down!

Be bold.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013


It struck me this week that I have to get more serious about this singer/songwriter business, and to be quite honest, the thought terrifies me. I know that I love it. I know that, given the opportunity, I would do it all day, every day. I know that it makes me feel happy, and perhaps even more importantly, it makes me feel satisfied. It's just, I know that I have responsibilities beyond my own happiness, and the thought of not taking care of those responsibilities--like getting a steady job--leaves me feeling guilty and inadequate.

I imagine that the weight on my shoulders will always be there, but I cannot let it sink me into the ground. In any moment I can only do what I believe is the right thing to do. Despite the desperation, loneliness and anguish, the question must always be: What do I do now? And the answer must always be: The thing that will leave me with the fewest regrets. 

Forward. Ever forward. Ever following the feeling of the correct path--even when there is no path.

Be strong. Be bold. (And be at Sabor y Cultura tomorrow, between 8pm and 11pm, for their open mic!)


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ready, Set, Go

Found my open mic--a cozy coffee shop called Sabor y Cultura! I checked it out last Thursday (their Freedom of Speech Open Mic is held every Thursday, 8-11pm, if you're interested) and was quite pleased with the event. The people were all very welcoming, supportive and enthusiastic, and--

I think you get the idea. This isn't a paid advertisement for the coffee shop or it's open mic, I'm just excited to have a place to play! This Thursday, sometime between eight and eleven, I'll get to perform for people. It might only be a handful of people. They might think I suck. But it doesn't matter. Well, okay, it kind of matters, but open mics are training grounds, right? At this point in time, I just need to get people to listen to me (and set up my website and post recordings and make a Facebook page and...).

If you're free Thursday night, I'd love to see your pretty face at Sabor y Cultura!

Be bold.