Friday, August 23, 2013

Imaginary to Real

I always feel so inspired after performing at these open mics! Everyone has been so very, very supportive and I come home feeling so...motivated? Hopeful? Full of ideas? Not sure really, but the feeling keeps me from wanting to go to sleep.

After talking with some people, I realized that I should start working on the next step--getting a band together. I guess it has come to that. It's not that I'm against having a band, it's just...I know how quickly a band can turn into a melee...Perhaps I will have a band of musicians for hire.They can quit whenever they get tired of me having creative control. Wow, I sound like a terrible person...Well, in the meantime, there are still demos to complete. Vocals tomorrow! Got to keep things moving forward as I wait  for my band to form.

Thanks to all who came out to play, perform and support tonight! As always, I had a wonderful time. Thank you!

Be bold.


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