Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ready, Set, Go

Found my open mic--a cozy coffee shop called Sabor y Cultura! I checked it out last Thursday (their Freedom of Speech Open Mic is held every Thursday, 8-11pm, if you're interested) and was quite pleased with the event. The people were all very welcoming, supportive and enthusiastic, and--

I think you get the idea. This isn't a paid advertisement for the coffee shop or it's open mic, I'm just excited to have a place to play! This Thursday, sometime between eight and eleven, I'll get to perform for people. It might only be a handful of people. They might think I suck. But it doesn't matter. Well, okay, it kind of matters, but open mics are training grounds, right? At this point in time, I just need to get people to listen to me (and set up my website and post recordings and make a Facebook page and...).

If you're free Thursday night, I'd love to see your pretty face at Sabor y Cultura!

Be bold.


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