Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tracks and Trails

Drum and bass tracks coming into existence! I have to admit, it's pretty exciting. There's been a lot of dancing about and singing into air-microphones as of late. Thank goodness people can't see through walls...Done for today, but hopefully all the drum and bass tracks will be laid down by the end of this week.

Open mic tomorrow, once again at Sabor y Cultura, 8-11pm (EXCITING NOTE: you can watch the live stream here).  I was thinking about playing a song that I've been working on, but some of the lyrics still don't feel right so I figure it's better to pull something out that has been aging a little longer...It's just...what song would that be? I guess we'll both find out tomorrow. I'm thinking either a song about a gray coat or courage or a little lamb. I suppose that means I should practice all of them tonight!

Hope you're having a wonderful and productive week!

Be bold.


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