Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Really trying to be better about keeping everything updated. I don't know how people keep all of their social media sites going. Actually, I do, but I'm in no position to hire help or offer college credit for an internship. Anyway...

Tracking for this round of songs is almost done, rough mixing has already started and if all goes well, I should have some tracks to share in a few weeks. It hasn't been difficult to keep myself excited about the process and the prospect of making waves, it's just been...a long process. There are definitely times when I don't want to hear my screaming voice or my questionable guitar playing any longer, when I wish I had a producer and a mix engineer to make everything sound nice for me, when I start to question the songwriting and the production and the performance. It's quite clear why you don't want to be your own recording studio complete with staff. 

But this is the process. And this is struggle--glorious struggle that is said to leave a person stronger (if it doesn't kill the person). This is struggle, the mechanism used to thin the herd and separate the creators from the dreamers. This is struggle, real world education, self education, because how can we change our lives if we don't push the boundaries, and how can we push our boundaries if we don't know where they lie?

It's easy to forget that determination is needed to get through those parts of life that in the movies are so easily, cut together into motivational montage sequences. I suppose I don't live in a movie. My life has always been more of a song.

Til next time (and I promise there will be a "next time"), be bold.


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