Thursday, December 19, 2013

A New Christmear List

Though I never liked to admit it, Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays. Life just gets better around Christmas--houses get covered in lights, the world smells of sugar, cinnamon and pine, the weather gets cold (and traditionally drizzly for my family), and there is an abundance of ridiculously delicious food.  I loved it when the boxes would come in from the garage and I got to put up all--and I mean all--of the Christmas decorations. I loved building little houses out of graham crackers while watching A Charlie Brown Christmas. And when I was a child, I loved the magic of waking up in the morning to find that the living room had been flooded with piles of neatly gift-wrapped, and sometimes GIANT, packages.

I used to make long lists of toys, but these days it has gotten difficult for me to think of things that I want that a person could go to a store for. Honestly, presents are nice, but being with family and good friends, and feeling taken care of is plenty. I guess I've gotten old...But in the spirit of the holidays (in some twisted way or another) I have spent some time making a list of Christmas wishes (that I mixed with shadows of New Year's resolutions and revolutionary fervor) for your perusing.

This year, I would like

  • To shake things up
  • To bring soul back to culture
  • Lyrics to have meaning
  • Music to have feeling
  • Dances to have story
  • To invoke silence to provoke thought
  • To pique curiosity and instill a desire--no a drive--to discover how we fit into the universe, be it through art or science, discussion or reflection (I want more reflection, by the way--there is so much to take in but we give ourselves so little time to digest), or a mixture of both, all and/or everything
  • The acknowledgment that the emotions we feel are as complex as the colors we see
  • The acknowledgment that it is okay to feel
  • You to come with me on a journey to discover not why we are here, but rather what it is like to truly be here
  • You to absorb all the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, feelings, emotions, words, thoughts, beliefs, situations, resolutions, chaos, clarity, craziness, kindness, lightness, darkness, suffering and satisfaction, and savor every bit of it
I can get myself some of the things on my list. Can you get me the rest?

A very happy, healthy(ish) and reinvigorating holiday season to you! I will see you in the new year (or sooner if I get ispired ;) )!

Be bold.


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