Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Battle with a Beast

Modern video editing is such unfamiliar terrain to me! However, after much struggle and strife, I am (rather clunkily) launching my video presence. (Seriously, though, who uses Illustrator and MATLAB to make titles????)

Is the video itself messy? Yes. Very. The beginning and ending plates are grossly pixelated. The edits are rough, sometimes a little off, and there are no transitions, just sharp cuts. Would I like it to be better? Smoother? More professional? Yes. Of course. But the truth is this: I am working with very rudimentary tools (did I mention MATLAB?) with no intuitive timeline-editing capabilities, no title-making applications, no effects.

After shooting all the shots I thought I needed (twice...), I went into Pro Tools to figure out how long I needed each shot to be and proceeded to cut my footage using the numbers I calculated. And even then, my editor was not particularly precise. It did, however, allow me to mix my audio track with my video track--a capability that I very much appreciated--though that, too, gave me results that were slightly off from what I was expecting...There was quite a bit of going back and re-cutting clips to better fit the music. And again, did I mention that all my video with text was created using an old version Illustrator and software I needed for an Electrical Engineering class?

But does all this mean that I shouldn't release this video? No. If I was a production company, I would have a very different answer, but I'm not a production company. I am a musician. A frugal musician, at that. And while we live in a world where content is sleek, flawless and hi-def, I am not sleek, flawless or hi-def. I am driven, bright and creative, and if that means sometimes I am also crude, rough and scrappy, so be it.

That doesn't mean that this video couldn't be better. It doesn't mean that I am satisfied with the titles or the editing. It doesn't mean that I am happy with my process. My next video is going to be better. I will make my titles look beautiful. I will come up with a smoother, more efficient process. But right now, this video has to be set free--a declaration of my intentions, a reminder of my vision, a pinprick of light in a pitch black room, and a record of where I started. And with it released, I can continue to work, improve and move forward.

So, watch and enjoy! (And let me know what your goals are! ;) )

And if you just want to listen to the song...

As always, thank you for your support! My video-editing skills will get better! 

Be bold.


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