Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Let the Battle Come

New video has been posted!

The process is still rough, but at least I figured out how to use YouTube's video editor to put titles in my video--that makes life a little easier and definitely less pixelated.

What's next?

Keep Posting and Tweeting
Consistency counts.

Get Gigs
Now that the internet contains proof of performance, I don't feel as bad about asking for opportunities to play.

Assemble a Band
Since all of my songs have been charted and the necessary band packet material has been created, it's time to get loud!

Keep Improving EVERYTHING
There is so much room for improvement in every direction! Writing, playing, singing, performing, mixing, editing, etc. etc. etc. Everything I am doing can be better and I am determined to make everything better.

It's time to move up in the world. I hope you will join me as the adventure continues.

Be bold.


(P.S. If you just want to listen:


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