Monday, February 1, 2016

The Artist's Life I

Oh, thoughts...

The things that a person enjoys doing don't always make money or enough money to be comfortable. For many people that's enough of a deterrent to stop them from chasing their passions. Society has been set up so that you believe if you conform, follow the rules, stay on the path, you will be, most likely, alright. Even comfortable.

But "comfortable" isn't always fulfilling.

How many songs can you write when you come home from work exhausted? How many landscapes can you paint?

How do you let inspiration flow if you need to go to bed by a certain time so you can wake up by a certain time so that you get to work on time? How do you perfect your craft when you have so little time to simply feel human?

You can do it. I've seen it be done, people who work all day at 9-to-5 jobs and then go out and play shows, but it's not easy. Or, it's not easy for some of us.

But you have to eat. You have to have a place to sleep. There are responsibilities that you have simply by deciding to live in a society--there are lines that you are expected to follow.

The question on a personal level seems to be a question of balance. For many, a work to play ratio. You must work, or at least have income, so you can physically survive, but you must create so you can spiritually survive.

So...Where is the balance? Is there actually a point where things balance? Or is this a myth that we force ourselves to live through?

I'll let you know when I know...

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