Monday, April 11, 2016

StarCoach Update: Fundraising

We're just over a month away from heading out on The Stardust & Stagecoach Tour, and the preparations are in full swing. Rehearsals are rocking, booking is coming in, and merch is on its way, but the biggest development right now is that Julia and I have started our very own Indiegogo campaign!

As artists on a small label, we are given lots of support in terms of recording, booking and artist development. We get one-on-one attention and amazing opportunities to grow as musicians and as people. However, due to the size of the label, we aren't always able to get the financial backing we need to completely fund our projects.

Both Julia and I want our first tour to be a smashing success, which is why we are so excited to announce our fundraising campaign and get you involved in making The Stardust & Stagecoach Tour the most glorious first tour the West Coast has ever seen!

Every little bit helps--every $5 is gas in the tank--and is very much appreciated. And if contributing money is a just out of reach right now, don't worry about it! You can still help us out by sharing our campaign with your friends and family, and even sending us love and support.

Oh! And don't forget to check out the perks! Our campaign is currently the only way to pre-order my upcoming EP Run!

Contribute to The Stardust & Stagecoach Tour!

Contribute to The Stardust & Stagecoach Tour!

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