Friday, April 15, 2016

StarCoach2016: JV

So, you know that I'll be going on tour this May with Julia Fairlight. You know how you can contribute/pre-order my EP/book a house concert with us. You know that rehearsals are underway. I think it's time to get personal and introduce you to the talented musicians who will be my family on this tour!

We'll start with our impeccable, impressive and imperturbable guitarist!

What's your name?
- JV Vidopio

What instrument do you play on this tour?  
 - Guitar

What other instruments can you play?  
- Piano, bass, I can program music

When and why did you start playing your instrument?  
-I started playing guitar when I was six and a half years old. When I first learned how to read music, my mother sent me to Conservatory, when I seven.

What other bands/groups/ensembles are you a part of?
- The Letters Home, Push Phonic, Hypodive

Have you been on tour before?  
- Yes

Name one thing you have to take on the road with you?  
-My credit card.

Are you more Stardust or Stagecoach?
-I think I'm a mix. I think you have to have both.

Would you have survived a cross country trip in a stagecoach?  
- Yeah, definitely. Absolutely.

Given the opportunity, would you leave Earth? The solar system? The galaxy?  
-I wouldn't. I still have a mission here to accomplish and if I'm not done, I don't want to leave earth. So, definitely not.

What are you most looking forward to on this tour?  
- I'm looking forward to touching people and changing people one person at a time. Not "touching" like that! If they're in a bad mood and if they have had a terrible day, I think we really have a chance to change people with the music.

Stay tuned for more from the band and other behind the scenes looks at the Stardust & Stagecoach Tour!

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