Friday, February 24, 2017

Interview 1, Part 1

They posted this notice that we had to leave, well leave the whole area, but then we got a notice—a twelve day notice or something—to pack up. One suitcase per person and be ready at a certain location, and a bus will come and pick you up. And they pick us up. And then they took us to Walerga. 
Outside of McClellan Field they had a temporary housing project—not a “housing project” but a camp. It was bungalows, it was…I don’t know if it was a wooden cot, I think it was a wooden cot or a canvas cot…instead of metal one. And then they gave us a mattress-size bag to fill it up with straw.

And this is at the first camp?

Yeah, first camp. So that’s what we did. And I don’t remember how long we were there. Maybe one month? Maybe a couple weeks?

What did you do with all the stuff that didn’t fit in your one suitcase?

Why, you couldn’t take it. You just had to, just leave it.

Leave it in…storage?

No! Oh, well, his is different than mine…You see everybody had a different situation.

(Excerpt from my first interview with my maternal grandparents, (January 14, 2017). My grandpa is in aquamarine, my grandma is in pink.)

And so we begin our journey down Shadow Paths...

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