Friday, April 14, 2017

More on the Tour

Manzanar. Tulelake. Minidoka. Topaz. Heart Mountain. Granada. Rohwer. Jerome. Gila River. Poston.

I've been repeating the names like some twisted mantra to keep me focused on my mission. They were the first pieces of information I collected, some of them dusty but familiar to my ears and some completely new. I committed them to memory. I found them on the map. I traced the highways and invisible roads that connected them.

And from these concentration camp locations, I found the nearest big cities. And start imagining how the landscape changed while driving from one to the next, and who would be sitting at the bar in towns I had yet to learn existed, and how often we would need to stop for gas...

And let's not forget Crystal City. We can't forget Crystal City.

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